Travel Insurance for Your Trip

When you look forward to travel, the last thing you want to do is think about something going wrong. Still, even the best-planned trips can be impacted by sudden illness, medical emergency, natural disaster, adverse weather, delayed flights, and other events beyond your control. These troubles can happen when least expected, forcing you to cancel or interrupt your trip, lose your non-refundable trip costs and take on unplanned expenses.

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Footprints Tours and Travel recommends adding the Premium package with the "Cancel for Any Reason” (CFAR) option. After adding the Premium package, the CFAR option may be added by selecting the CFAR option at the bottom of the page. The CFAR option is only offered under the Premium package and you must select add on the CFAR option by clicking on the box for that option. The additional coverage will allow you to receive a refund equal to 60% of the amount paid (less the cost of the insurance) as long as you cancel prior to 48 before departure. (Insurance is not available for residents of New York and Hawaii)

Travel Insurance can help with:

  • Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption

    Coverage for your unused, non-refundable, prepaid trip costs if you are prevented from taking your trip or your trip is interrupted due to a covered reason. Coverage for additional transportation costs to return home early or rejoin your group is also included.

  • Travel Delay

    Reimbursement for additional expenses such as overnight lodging, meals and local transportation if your trip is delayed for the amount of time specified in your Plan or longer because of a covered reason.

  • Lost, Damaged or Delayed Baggage

    Coverage for loss, theft or damage to your baggage and covered personal effects during your trip. Includes reimbursement for clothing and personal items if your baggage is delayed for the amount of time specified in your Plan or longer.

  • Medical Treatment and Evacuation

    Coverage for medical and emergency dental costs if you get sick or injured during your trip and need to seek treatment or evacuation. Includes coverage for a companion to visit you if you are traveling alone and hospitalized for more than 7 days.

  • Coverage for Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

    Available when you purchase the Premium Plan prior to or within 24 hours of final payment, insure 100% of your prepaid trip costs that are subject to cancellation penalties and restrictions, and are medically able to travel when you buy your Plan.

  • Travel Services

    Includes access to 24/7 Travel Support, Travel Information Services, Identity Theft Resolution and Concierge Services.

  • 10-day Free Look

    Review your Plan and decide if it’s right for you. If you wish to cancel your Plan within 10 days of receipt and have not yet left on your trip or filed a claim you can do so and receive a full refund of your Plan cost.

Anticipating the unexpected with travel insurance will help protect you, your travel companions, and your wallet. To learn more about travel insurance, reach out to Generali Global Assistance directly at 800-348-9505.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I buy travel insurance?

We highly recommend purchasing travel insurance. It offers you coverage if you have to cancel or interrupt your trip because of a covered reason and would otherwise lose your prepaid trip costs.

What if I get sick with COVID-19 before departure or during my trip?

This travel insurance can provide coverage if you, a travel companion, or a family member test positive for COVID-19.

When can I buy coverage?

Plans are offered when you book your trip and can be purchased any time prior to your departure date. To be eligible for coverage for pre-existing medical conditions, you should buy the Premium Plan prior to or within 24 hours of making final payment for your trip.

Who’s covered?

Everyone insured under the Plan is covered. Note that some coverages are subject to Plan maximums.

What is the maximum trip length I can insure?

365 days (some state exceptions apply).

Can I add coverage to my Plan after I purchase it?

Yes. If you make other prepaid arrangements such as a round of golf, a spa package or show tickets prior to your departure date, you can purchase additional coverage to insure those arrangements.

What if I change my mind?

If you purchase this Plan and are not satisfied within 10 days of receipt (30 days for residents of Indiana), contact Generali Global Assistance to cancel your Plan. If you haven't already left on your trip or filed a claim, you will receive a complete refund of your Plan cost.

If I buy the Plan today, when does coverage begin?

Trip Cancellation coverage begins at 12:01 A.M. the day after plan payment is received. All other coverages begin when you depart on your trip.

Will this insurance cover any reason that disrupts my travel plans?

Travel insurance cannot cover all events that might happen. The insurance provides coverage if your trip is disrupted by one of the covered events listed in the Plan.

For an additional premium, Trip Cancellation For Any Reason coverage is available if you purchase the Premium Plan within 24 hours of making initial deposit for your trip and meet the other coverage requirements. See a Plan for complete details

What is a “covered event”?

Events that the Plan can provide reimbursement for if the Plan terms are met. See a Plan for a complete list: Standard Preferred Premium

What are some of the covered events?

Some examples of covered events include sickness, injury or death of yourself, family member, or traveling companion; flight delays due to adverse weather; a documented traffic accident en route to your departure; mandatory evacuation at your destination due to adverse weather; your home or destination made uninhabitable due to a hurricane or other natural disaster; acts of terrorism; and more. Terms and conditions apply; review a Plan for full details: Standard Preferred Premium

What is a foreseeable event?

Foreseeable simply means reasonably known beforehand. Once it is reasonable that you would know about an event, it becomes foreseeable. For example, if the airline you are flying announces that they are going on strike, the event becomes foreseeable once they make the announcement.

If my trip is cancelled or interrupted for a covered reason, can I be reimbursed for other prepaid travel costs?

Yes, provided these costs have been insured.

Can I be covered for pre-existing medical conditions?

Yes, coverage is available for pre-existing medical conditions as long as you purchase the Premium Plan prior to or within 24 hours of making final trip payment, insure 100% of your prepaid arrangements that are subject to cancellation penalties and restrictions, and are medically able to travel when you buy your Plan.

What is a pre-existing medical condition?

A pre-existing medical condition is a medical condition that you knew about before purchasing your insurance Plan. A condition must meet certain criteria to be considered “pre-existing” as defined by the insurance.

Generali looks at the 180 days immediately prior to the effective date of your Plan. If you had a sickness or injury during this time for which one of the following is true, that condition is a pre-existing medical condition by Plan definition.

  1. The sickness or injury first manifested itself, worsened, became acute or had symptoms which would have prompted a reasonable person to seek diagnosis, care or treatment, or;
  2. Care, testing or treatment was given or recommended for the sickness or injury; or
  3. The sickness or injury required a change in prescribed medication. Change in prescribed medication means the dosage or frequency of a medication has been reduced, increased, stopped and/or new medications have been prescribed. A change between a brand name and a generic medication with comparable dosage does not apply.

See a Plan for more information: Standard Preferred Premium

What can be reimbursed if I have to cancel my trip?

The Plan can reimburse you for unused, non-refundable, prepaid trip costs.

I have coverage questions, who should I ask about them?

Call Generali Global Assistance at (800) 348-9505.

How does the claims process work?

Claims can be completed online through Generali’s eClaims website. Click on “Start a new claim” and follow the prompts. You may also contact us or Generali directly at (800) 348-9505.

Once your claim is received, you will be assigned a dedicated Claims Representative who will process your claim from start to finish. Your Claims Representative will reach out to you if they have any questions or need more information.

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